To Get My Husband off of the Computer, I Had to Fake Not Having a Headache

So you know how it is, it was Beanie Baby Bonanza week at eBay. Do you know how impossible it is for an active couple like myself and my husband to share a single home PC? It's a chore. So there I am, temples throbbing, knowing that I'm missing my EverQuest Guild meeting because hubby is on there excitedly telling me that he's got the jump on an original "Flutter" the butterfly for $65 bucks.

Well, exactly -- I don't like to do it but a woman's gotta do what she's gotta do. Yeah, the works -- I had on the little white nightie and everything. "Ohh it's so hot in heee-ere!" I said, rubbing my neck and chest. Then I turned on the air conditioner so that it rustled my hair all around my face. "Ooohh" I said as the air breezed through everything I was wearing.

Once his pants were halfway off I was like, "NOT HERE!" and booted him (hopping on one leg) into the bedroom. Well, sure, say what you like -- but the PC was mine for the rest of the night.

Victim Pic Small

I had to secretly take an aspirin though.

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