I Am Tired of the Media Portraying Those of Us Who Dress Freakish and Wierd as Freaks and Weirdos.

I'd like to take a few moments to address the readers of this fine gaming site. I hope I'll be able to make my point clearly, as I'm currently wearing sharpened prosthetic teeth and speaking is, at the moment, both difficult and excruciating.

Too often those of us who consider ourselves freaks are portrayed as such in the media. Stereotyping and profiling run rampant! Those of us who like to explore visceral terror and the dark sides of both the human conscious and collective unconscious are often portrayed on television and in the news as "dark" and "moody" people. So I like to dress as a vampire and go to conventions. Big deal! I don't actually suck blood. Well, not "suck," per se.

Anyways, listen up, mass media! We're tired of being an obscure subculture and we're stepping out! I say, freaks unite! Howl at the moon and rise yourselves up into the realms of mainstream sub-cultures like skateboarders, hackers, or punks. Subcultures like those are consistently cast in a favorable light.

I would continue, however, my gums have started to bleed. It's not so much the pain, it's that I want to hurry up and show my friends. Thank you for your time.


[Perky Goths unite! Check out Dork Tower: Matt and Gilly's Big Date, a fellow GameSpy comic, for more Goth-love.]

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This reminds me of the time I took those yellow cats-eye contact lenses and wore them into the 7-11, hah hah!

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