Quick Naps in between Map-changes and Respawns Enable the Skilled Gamer to Play CTF for 48 Straight Hours

Actually, I don't care what you play, but I guarantee it could be improved with a skillfully application of good ol' fashioned nappy-time. I'm a Capture-the-Flag fan, myself. Once a server gets rumbling, there's really no reason to leave. Like Thomas Edison cat-napping in his lab, I find I can go indefinitely with just a nod-off whenever I get the opportunity. Let's say someone shoots me with a rocket; My head hits the keyboard even before my body hits the ground.

Some people claim that computer chairs are inherently uncomfortable for sleeping. I don't buy it. Look at the extra padding right here -- and here. And here I can adjust this so that I can lean waaay back. It's perfect. So, say someone frags me. I throw my weight backwards and sling my head back like so: nyarrggh. You'll note that the chair is springy, and it flings my weight forward immediately -- I catch about a second's worth of slumber before my character respawns, at which point I'm back upright in one smooth motion. The rest I get is incredible. Sometimes I snore.

Okay, now let's say the map changes. I have roughly seven, maybe eight seconds of blissful slumber before the next map kicks off. That's where you really make up for lost time; in-between levels. Often I'll dream. Whoa, hang on, the map just changed! **--ssnnnrrgkkk**--

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Ugh, I hate it when I drool on my keyboard.

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