His Preparation for the Upcoming Tournament Involves a Solid Hour of Meat Beat Manifesto.

Harvey: Okay ladies and gentlemen, that brings us to the semifinals of the Professional Deathmatch Tournament, and a real crowd is starting to develop here at Gaming Gigabuys -- the gracious hosts of this season's finals. Mike?

Mike: That's right, throughout the afternoon the folks have really started to coalesce, and I can't blame them. The Deathmatches are being displayed up on giant plasma screens all around the facility as well as out in the mall itself, and each and every round gets progressively more exciting. Only the truly skilled remain, which brings us to the next contender, Jay "Wax0r" Hammel of Zelienople, Pennsylvania. Can we get a shot of Wax0r, anyone?

Harvey: There he is, ladies and gentlemen, one of the favored contenders for this match, the "Big Gun" from Western PA, the Blitzer of Pittsburgh, the Cruel Fate from Penn State, that's right, WAX0R!

Mike: And Harvey we can see that he's already deeply embroiled in his pre-match ritual, I mean, nothing's getting through to this guy. Wax0r psyches himself up for each deathmatch he plays with a solid hour of the hardcore industrial electronic musical stylings of Meat Beat Manifesto.

Harvey: That's right Mike, and he is intense. There's a certain fierceness there, it's building inside. You know other contenders use this time to practice, or, as we can see with Dave "d0ngle" Lister over there, they get oriental finger massages. Not Wax0r, no way, with him it's a solid hour -- no interruptions -- of Meat Beat Manifesto.

Mike: Indeed, he's already well into the second disc of their Subliminal Sandwich album and if he times it just right he'll hit the "Plexus" track just as he's going to sit down to play.

Harvey: Oh yes! And PH34R whoever gets in his way then!

Mike: It looks like thanks to his second-round bye he'll be up against Geoff "k0mb4t" Splitnz and his lucky kitty. Boy oh boy! Talk about your clash of the titans.

Harvey: Whip me with a coaxial cable, Mike!

Mike: What the hell are you talking about?

Harvey: The mic wasn't on for that was it?

Victim Pic Small

Harvey: Check it out, he's starting to headbang. He just knocked over that girls' slushie.

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