I Finally Solved Goonies 2 for the NES!

YES! Yeee-eees! Yeees! Yes yes! ... YESS!

Mock me if you will, but I've spent every year since September of 1987 -- 14 years! -- attempting to solve Goonies 2 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. In fact, Christmas of that very year, when my parents asked me what games they should buy for me, I told them "None." That's right. None. I was determined to beat Goonies 2 before I would move on.

It was tough. All those Zelda games came out. Then the Super Nintendo. By then I had already rescued my third Goonie and found the diving suit, but I still had a long long way to go. Howabout those early nineties? Pretty painful to browse through the gaming stores back then, knowing that Goonies 2 was still unsolved. Oh, and the Nintendo 64? That Mario 64 game looked pretty hot. But I refused to touch it. Not until I conquered Goonies 2, and by that point I was systematically going from room to room in the adventure screens tapping on EVERY SINGLE WALL with a hammer.

At one point my NES broke. I had to buy a new one at a garage sale.

The Sega Saturn came and went, and the Sony PlayStation .... you know, I heard somewhere that the Sony PlayStation 2 just came out, which is probably pretty exciting. I might look into that. The fact is, it wasn't until this morning that I TRIUMPHANTLY reigned victorious over the Fratelli brothers and rescued the mermaid!

What now, you may ask? I don't know, I'm still flush from my triumph. I think I'll let it settle in, you know, just relax and take a break from gaming for a couple of days. Then I'm going to look into what all happened during my vigil -- I understand that there's an "Internet" now that has games you can play. After that? Yeah, I don't want to dive in too early... but ... Well, it's been haunting me for quite a few years. I think I'll move ahead and try to beat Ghosts and Goblins.

Victim Pic Small

Heh, Bionic Commando, yessir. There's another one that I've had on my "list," you know. Lookout gaming world! I'm on the loose!

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