Notes on the Proper Use of Homing Pigeons for Counter-strike Combat

Some would say that the humble pigeon has no place in a game of Counter-Strike, much as the chicken is always the first to be obliterated in a game of CS on the Italy map. I wholeheartedly disagree! The use of homing pigeons not only increases your team's ability to come from behind, but raising and caring for them from little itty-bitty chicks is a reward in and of itself.

Here's the way it works. Let's say everyone on your team is dead but for one guy, and he's hunting the single remaining enemy. You know where the enemy is camping, but how can you tell your friend? The game won't let you chat and your modem is using up your phone line. THAT, my friend, is why hardcore gamers like myself keep homing messenger pigeons handy.

But, let's talk practicalities. During a good evening of Counter-Strike you're going to need a pen of roughly a dozen birds. Keep pencils and paper handy and be prepared to write quickly. As soon as the situation looks desperate, write off a note and send the pigeon with the message to your teammate.

I highly recommend short and to the point notes. For one thing, you won't have a lot of time to write. For another, your friend will have to take his hands off of the controls in order to untie the note from the pigeon. And most importantly, you don't want to cause any confusion should your note fall into the wrong hands! For these reasons keep your notes short:

"In garage w/ hostages"
"On roof over hot tub"
"Crouched in wine cellar"

Armed with this knowledge your team will gain a great advantage! Plus, you'll have the loving affection of dozens of cooing foul.


Yeah, Johnson was eating french fries outside the precinct when some bird landed and started beggin'. He blew its head off and then noticed that the body had a note attached: "Bomb under train in courtyard." Yep, another threat. You know what to do; close the station, evacuate the civvies, call in the bomb squad..."

Victim Pic Small

That's odd, I now only have 11 pigeons. And why all the sirens?

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