Wow, a Whole Quarter. What Shall I Spend It on? a Driving Game, a Fighting Game, or a Light Gun Game?

Joy unbridled! twenty-five whole cents, just sitting here on the floor, covered in a sticky brown substance of unknown origin but nonetheless bona-fide U.S. currency. Combined with the five other quarters in my pocket, it will buy me exactly one game of any machine in this Arcade!

Fortunately things are easier. When I was a tyke there were horrifying choices to be made in the video arcade -- space games and war games and jumping games and monster games and maze games and climbing games and and tank games and all sorts of stuff that I can't even describe like that game with the bricks and the ball and the paddle. Twenty-five cents gave you a blinding array of choice back then. It was frightening. The mere sight of a quarter and I had to run and hide and breathe through a paper bag.

Nowadays it is easy. I simply need to decide: Do I play the one-on-one fighting game, the sit-down racing game, or the stand up and shoot a light gun game? Once I narrow it down, the choices are easy, since they're all the same.

Okay, my mind is made up. Cruisin' San Francisco Rush Daytona 2049 Off Road World. At only six quarters per credit I can play for seven, even eight back-to-back seconds.

Wait ... wait what's this? No -- different cars -- do I take the buggy or the jeep? Ahh ... ahhhhhh ... paper bag! Paper bag!

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