Dude, You Really Can't Complain about Player-killing When You Join a Diablo 2 Server Named 'Kill Kill PVP Mad Duelz I Will Own J00'

I know it's harsh. Yeah yeah, I know he froze you and then firewalled you, I got that. Pretty brutal. ... Right, but, what I'm saying is, I don't think he was interested in "sharing" or spending any "quality time" with you, especially since you were bragging about how you had the Stone of Jordan.

See, often you can catch little hints and tip-offs that people aren't going to play friendly. First, when he catalogued your loot in the chat room before the game and told you how much killing you would be worth on Ebay? It was subtle, but that's the kind of sign you should be looking for.

Just before you joined the game with him, and he typed in the chat room "Hang on lemme kill this guy real quick," there -- possibly -- was a sign of malicious intent.

I'm not saying you should quit playing Diablo II, I'm just saying you should exercise a little more caution about which servers you're going to play on if you want to play co-op. So, for example, I would avoid the server called "LOOKING FOR MY 100TH KILL." Just a hunch, it's probably bad news.


[Victim Idea submitted by GameSpy reader Ned Gilmore]

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The guy with the ear collection? I'd say to avoid him, that's all.

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