Kids, You See Mr. Happy Snake? You Leave Mr. Happy Snake inside the Wall or Daddy Gets Very Angry!

Timmy, Jody, come here and look at this. This? This is Mr. Happy Snake. He's got two big fangs and he comes from Daddy's computer. Daddy needs Mr. Happy Snake's help in order to play EverQuest three hours each night, and as we all know, if Daddy doesn't get his EQ he's less likely to be generous with ice cream.

Mr. Happy snake lives in this cave in the wall. The cave is a bad, bad place, so don't ever stick your tongue in there unless either of you were considering playing "tow truck" again with Daddy's cable modem.

Look, see, I'm putting Mr. Happy Snake back in his cave, and see all the lights turn on on Mr. Computer? That's great. Mr. Computer needs to stay lit up so that he can scare away the monsters that will emerge from your closet to flay the living flesh off of your bodies the moment the sun sets. Okay now, go play!

Victim Pic Small

Silence or I'll sell one of you to get a Rubicite Breastplate.

Score: 8.42; Total Votes: 1844 as of 2009-12-09.

'While Mr.scales Remains Undefeated in C&C Tournament Play, I'm Afraid He Remains Unavailable for Comment.'

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