My Greatest Website Hack of All Time, and Everyone Thought It Was an April Fools Joke

Did you check out yesterday, April 1st? Yeah, it was hacked, the front page was totally gone. That was my doing! I spent all day Saturday trying to break into that thing. See, I used that Internet Explorer exploit to pull a password off of a mailserver to log into the network pages, and then I spent a few hours trying different URLs until I got into their content administration system, and then I set it up so at midnight instead of doing their regular content update, the whole page was black and said "This page waj 0\/\/nz3red by [Brofah]JACKless."

All day yesterday I cruised the forums to watch the havoc I had unleashed, but instead everyone was like, "That was a great April Fools Joke!" or "I almost fell for it!" Even the site admins were arguing among themselves to figure out which one of them had done it.

So finally I was like, "No no! It was me! I'm [Brofah]JACKless! And I owned you! Honest!" but they still didn't believe me. Like eight other guys ame out and said that THEY were [brofah]JACKless, then LOL'ed and said "April Fools." Damn them all! I'm the one with no JACK! And I hax0red them, fair and square. Man, what sucky timing.

And another thing. This arrow through my head? It's REAL! Nobody ever believes me.

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Why is it so difficult to belive in my l33tnezz?

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