How Could All Twelve of You Guys Buy Me the Exact Same Game for My Birthday? Don't You Ever Talk?

Okay, time to open my last birthday gift. Hey, wow, look. Another copy of Deus Ex, which, I might point out, probably also came from the Best Buy Value shelf for $9.99 this weekend. How did all of you guys know about that? Could it have been because I emailed all of you last week and told you, after I bought a copy for myself?

That's amazing. One dozen copies of Deus Ex. You guys are incredible. Didn't even one of you think to check with the others? Or me?

Yep, 11 shrink-wrapped value copies for $9.99 and a twelfth copy of Deus Ex from Jerry, who gave me the big box version that he bought for the full price of $49.95. 12 copies alltogether. What does that tell me about my friends? That's right: I've got eleven cheapskates and one total dipshit.

Victim Pic Small

Okay, enough of that. Where's my cake? What? NONE of you thought to bring cake? For crying out loud! You just wait til YOUR birthdays, instead of presents I'm going to stab you with a fork.

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