Reactions Were Mixed When I Came Back from Lunch and Started Biting Ankles

The usual shock and horror, you know, I expected that. And confusion. Terror. People standing on their chairs to get away from me. A few seemed to just find the whole thing funny, so yes, some laugher. Some tears.

But nobody thought to ask me why I buested into the second session of Organic Chemistry class on all fours and just started chompin' ankles. So I'll tell you.

You ever start a 160MB download and then leave to go to a four-hour class expecting that it would be downloaded by the time you're done? And then, did you ever decide to check out it during the short lunch break you get in the middle of class, only to discover that the download never started because you forgot to tell your web browser which directory to put it in?


Victim Pic Small

[Editor's Note: Today's victim has been temporarily sedated, there is no longer cause for alarm. Thank you.]

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