No -- No Way Man -- Keep That Metal Gear Solid 2 Demo Away from Me! I Have a Chemistry Exam Tomorrow!

No way, stop waving it in front of my face like that dude! I've got a Chem exam tomorrow. Organic Chem, no less, with professor Hubert -- you know, the guy who yells "Du Lieber!" in the middle of class and throws chalk at students? I gotta study all day and then get a good night's rest. I can't afford to get wrapped up in God's gift to 2001 video gaming.

No, no, I don't want to touch the CD. I know you had to import it from Japan. I know that it requires a special Japanese edition of the PS2 to play, yah yah, I got all that. And I agree that it is a rare opportunity to be among the first Americans to see this incredible demonstration of the PS2's gaming prowress.

Stop it! Don't even think of plugging it in while I'm in the room! I don't even want to see it. I don't want to even hear it. I don't want to look at the rain effects. Stop it! Turn that off! I mean it, I gotta get a B or better on this exam or Hubert's gonna put the hurt on my GPA so hard that my parents are gonna ... mnnnn look at that. Look at how they rendered those headlights. Check out the rain. Ohmigod, he's bungie jumping onto the deck of a moving ship wearing Thermoptic camo!

Step aside and hand me the controller or I will rip it violently from your cold bleeding hands.

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Hold all my calls, and fake Dr. Hadji's signature on that bogus Appendectomy report that I drew up.

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