I Have to Pee but I Can't Leave My PC Because I Really like the Next Map

If I just keep bouncing up and down on the chair I think I can prolong the urges -- but man, I've been playing through the last six maps in the rotation and I'm sure as hell not gonna head to the toilet just before my favorite one comes up.

I just need to hold out ... another three minutes for the map change ... maybe 45 seconds of load time ... then ten minutes of play on the ultimate, perfectly well-balanced map ... and then I can break whizz like a racehorse.

Sure, I can't hold my mouse still, and everytime someone blasts a grenade the roar of the subwoofer nearly causes my kidneys to lose it, but BE STRONG! BE STRONG!

I'll try not to think about how this next map has the one are with the running water.


[Victim idea experienced by GameSpy reader Todd "Tungsten" Northcutt]

Victim Pic Small

OKay, hold on, I just ... hold this syrofoam cup like so and maybe I can save the trip...

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