Dude, Never Comment on Another Woman's Mags in Front of Your Wife

Mags -- you know, Mags? From Phantasy Star Online? Everyone has Mags. They get bigger when you feed 'em, they can shoot special attacks, it's all good, right?

Wrong! It's not all good! Last night after a ripping good time at Hooters Carrie and I headed home to kick back with some Phantasy Star. Oh, and a few shots of Tequila.

So one thing leads to another and pretty soon we're down in the mines and I see this Hunter Chick stroll into the room, with the long long legs and the BIGGEST set of MAGS I've ever seen.

I didn't even think, right? I just saw those big heavy Mags and I was blown away. "Whhhee-oo!" I said. "Check out the size of THOSE!" Oh man, it was over. There was a flash of light -- I think it was the wedding ring before it ripped into my forehead -- and then the carpet came up to meet me.

So now you know, right? You can admire another woman's mags, but man, don't say anything.

Victim Pic Small

When we play Team Arena and she comments about the length of a guy's skull trail, do I care less? Of course not.

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