Dad Says His New Dragonslayer +9 Is like the Son He Never Had

It was all fine until a couple of weeks ago, when he got Phantasy Star Online. So, first, that blows 'cuz I can't play Sonic anymore. Dad's hoggin that Dreamcast 24/7. But mostly it stinks 'cuz he's totally hooked. I mean, beyond hope.

He told me to stop calling him "Dad" and to just refer to him as Nordlax the New Human Hunter of Oberon Block 12. I wanted to play ball with him today in the back yard but he said he had planned to hunt monogrinders all morning. Then that afternoon it was all about him and his buddies in the mine lookin' for ph4t l3wt.

Last night at dinner, I went for a second helping of potatoes, and he slapped my hand with a spoon and yelled, "That's for the MAG!"

He just loves that stupid Dragonslayer +9 sword. "Why can't YOU do 170 points damage in a single swing?" he asked me. You know he named his sword "William Junior?" I tried to tell him, "But Dad! My name is Bill Jr.!" and he said:

"What? As if I would name you after the sword!"

Yeah. Harsh. I know it.

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Mags suck.

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