Gronk Job -- Put PC Speakers into Cardboard Box.

Me Gronk.

Gronk work at PC-SonicLabs.

Gronk job: Put "Speakers" into "Boxes" to "Ship" them to "Customur." Gronk not technikal. Hold "Speaker" up to ear -- didn't talk to Gronk. Speakers never talk, why name it speaker? Gronk disappointed in every one.

And where ship? No ship, just big truck. Gronk throw boxes into truck very hard.

Gronk boss wear tie. Says to put speakers in boxes. Sometimes easy: Speaker fit. Sometimes hard. Speakers are long on one side and short on the other, but box is sometimes long on the opposite side and short on the other, Gronk can never tell until he put box on table and look at speaker to see. Speaker not fit? So Gronk CRAM SMASH! GRONK SMASH! SMASH SPEAKER FOR NOT TALKING TO GRONK! SMASH INTO BOX LIKE MAN WITH TIE SAYS!

Then Gronk put in styrofoam peanuts. Job well done. Customur should thank Gronk.

Victim Pic Small

GrrrAgghh! Speaker taunt Gronk with snake-like wire! Gronk not fooled! Must be animal inside. PULL ANGRY SPEAKER TAIL! Speaker so quiet, Gronk smash until it start to rattle. Rattle! Like snake! Gronk know, oh yes, Gronk know. Snake bad.

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