C'moff It! That State Trooper Was Totally Camping the Intersection!

I'm not saying it's against the rules or anything, but I mean, he's got a really fast car and he's allowed to run red lights. There's NO reason for him to sit still at an intersection waiting for people to run stop signs. What a lamer!

Look, I'm not saying he shouldn't be doing it, I'm just saying he's got no self-respect. He should be roaming around hunting, not just sitting there. TOTAL loser. Look, if I was a state trooper? I'd be all over those freeways like Judge Dredd. I'd be Mel Gibson in the Road Warrior, Nicholas Cage in Gone in Sixty seconds. I'd be a streak. I wouldn't even turn my lights off. I'd stop people, get them to pull over, then tell them that I'll let them out of the ticket if they could beat me in a drag race.

But I sure as hell wouldn't camp an intersection all day slurpin' doughnuts and staring at a stop sign. What's next, Highway Patrol? Spawn killing?


[Victim idea submitted by GameSpy reader dgx858.]

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