I'm Not Going to Say You Were "0WNED" by My Baby Daughter, Exactly, but She Did Dominate You in a Decisive Manner.

I'm serious, I wasn't at the keys, dude. It was Sarah, my baby girl. No, not my girlfriend, my baby girl -- she's like eight months old dude. There was definitely a substantial victory. I'm not going to go so far as to say 0wnage, but, I'm just saying, it wasn't close.

No no, I wasn't helping. She's just -- you know, she gets on the mouse and it's just ugly.

Dude c'mon. I saw the score. Plus, she was giggling -- I mean, she knew she had you, man. I'm serious. At one point, she was pooping.

Okay, okay, I'll give you that it wasn't 0wnage. But, you have to admit, there was a serious smackdown. Definitely a smackdown of decisive porportions.

Victim Pic Small

She's talking baby-smack at you, this very moment. But we can't have a rematch yet, it's nappy-time.

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