Your Entire Computer Network Is at the Mercy of My Razor Sharp Beaver Teeth

Hello, user.

I understand you've been running a Tribes server on company hardware, clearly violating our fine Corporation's acceptable use policy.

May I remind you that I am in possession of a set of RAZOR SHARP BEAVER TEETH?

That's right, simple employee. All it takes is one good gnaw and your entire ethernet collapses about your head like a house of cards. You are at my mercy!

Recall, if you will, my encounter with Schmitt, our former IT Director. He attempted to withstand my imminent seizure of power using his rough metallic snake of retribution -- but it was no match for my razor sharp beaver teeth.

Now I am the Alpha Techie. Your position in this corporation is dependant upon the fragile whims of my gnashing Beaver Teeth. I suggest you respect their authority.

Victim Pic Small

Wait, WAIT! What is going ON here!? Look at the voting! There is a purposeful SMEAR CAMPAIGN being levelled against me! I can't believe how many people voted "1." One? I'll show you one ... ONE SET OF RAZOR SHARP BEAVER TEETH IN YOUR ASS!!

Score: 4.55; Total Votes: 1671 as of 2009-12-09.

There's Not Enough Force Feedback in My Life

I've Been Defending This Flag since You Were in Your Father's Scrotum

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