How Does it Work?

A new Daily Victim is posted every weekday, with a special color edition posted every weekend. Each Daily Victim page is painstakingly crafted by legions of migrant workers. Read all about the process in this exclusive, uncensored, scintillating, titillating, playa-hating behind the scenes look:

Where Do Your Ideas Come From?

Fargo: Basically, I just look around at everyday life. The Daily Victim is all about character, and online gaming is filled with characters. Who hasn't run across the guy who's practically militant about defending your base, or the tech support guy who wields his IT power like a nazi? Then I exaggerate their qualities and boil them down into a catchy headline, such as: "I Play Command and Conquer Because I am Undersexed." I keep a few dozen funny headlines on a stack of index cards that I carry around with me, or, lately, a pile of Post-It notes.

HotSoup: I find the scent of my own armpits inspiring. This whole Daily Victim thing is still kinda new to me, so mostly I just wait until Fargo tells me what to draw. But then sometimes I throw him off by drawing some guy I met on a messageboard somewhere.

Then What Happens?

Fargo: In the morning I come into work and discover whatever madness HotSoup came up with the night or weekend before. Then I have to turn on the funny. You know, it's really hard to be funny on cue, especially if your livelihood depends on it. For instance -- well, watch this. SOUP! Funny! NOW!

HotSoup: [Breaks down into choking sobs]

Fargo: See? But fortunately, the subject matter is gamers, and gamers are inherently funny. I mean, look at us. HotSoup, how many times have you solved Diablo II?

HotSoup: Eight hundred sixty-three. Oh ... hang on a sec.... Wait ... THERE! Eight hundred sixty-four.

Fargo: I just spent all weekend teaching my wife to play Empire Earth. I actually used the phrase, "it's just like Pikmin." Most married couples passively ignore each other, whereas my wife and I try to step on one another with war elephants.

HotSoup: Is there something unusual about that?

Fargo: You see what I mean?

HotSoup: Oh, look! Eight hundred sixty-five!

How Does the Voting Work?

HotSoup: Steam drives the turbines, which use a series of pistons to block or unblock light from photoelectric cells. Such a device is capable of averaging the scores of participants, in binary, at the rate of several hundred votes per minute.

Fargo: That's what they call "interactivity," baby.

HotSoup: Oh yah, the highest-ranked victims "win" for the week. I draw the winners in color and we feature them the weekend after. So, uh, VOTE!

Fargo: Hamilton Fleisch of Lebanon, Pennsylvania neglected to vote for his favorite victim. That very weekend, instead of seeing his favorite character return in a full color feature? He lost his penis in a hideous pneumatic hammer accident.

HotSoup: Our condolences to Mr. Fleisch.

Fargo: Miss Fleish. You know. Technically.

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