How Does it Work? (Original)

A new Daily Victim is posted every weekday, with a special color edition posted every weekend. Each Daily Victim page is painstakingly crafted by legions of migrant workers. Read all about the process in this exclusive, uncensored, scintillating, titillating, playa-hating behind the scenes look:

Where Do Your Ideas Come From?

Fargo: Basically, I just look around at everyday life. The Daily Victim is all about character, and online gaming is filled with characters. Who hasn't run across the guy who's practically militant about defending your base, or the tech support guy who wields his IT power like a nazi? Then I exaggerate their qualities and boil them down into a catchy headline, such as: "I Play Command and Conquer Because I am Undersexed." I keep a few dozen funny headlines on a stack of index cards that I carry around with me.

Gabe: I just try to think of weird pics that'll screw Fargo up. For the first one we did, I was racking my brain for ideas all day. That night, I suddenly woke up, and I had this idea of a fat guy licking a cat while a Leprechaun poked him in the butt with a stick. I wrote it down on a post-it note and stuck it to my computer monitor: "Fat guy licks cat, leprechaun pokes butt w/ stick." In the morning, my wife gets up before me, and she found the note. She woke me up and showed me the note and said, "I don't think I want to talk to you today."

Then What Happens?

Fargo: In the morning I come into work and discover the day's sketch that Gabe had sent me. Then I go through my list of possible headlines, and I conclude that none of them match. Ever. It's ridiculous. I dial up Gabe on the phone and scream at him: "You're RUINING me! You're RUINING me!"

Gabe: My wife always answers the phone.

Fargo: Good God it's a nightmare. Finally I'm forced to bang out some sub-literate drivel that somehow works in the fact that the main character is inexplicably strangling a penguin.

Gabe: [Tries to speak, but is interrupted.]

Fargo: I'll show that ARTSY-FARTSY BITCH! Using my brilliant turns of phrase, I and I alone can justify why this ordinary well-dressed woman is holding a SQUIRMING FROG!

Gabe: Occasionally he'll somehow figure out a way to make sense of the picture I drew him. That means I have to think of something even stranger the next day. Like a dude with a hammer in his mouth.

How Does the Voting Work?

Gabe: Migrant workers. Lots of them.

Fargo: You can vote for victims? Wow. Go figure.

Gabe: Be sure you vote, because I draw the highest ranked victims in color for the weekends.

Fargo: No doubt the engine that powers the Daily Victim was coded by none other than Chris "Posh" Longden, the resident limey bastard of GameSpy. He's a tea-guzzling web genius! He banged out the voting and admin system for this sucker out in less than a week. Carlos "Dr. Angryman" Salgado also helped out with a little bit of raw HTML magic. Together, they exude the musky aura of raw sexual potency.

Gabe: I'm glad I work remote.

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